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What is Liquid Cooling in Smartphone?

What is Liquid Cooling in Smartphone?

In this video, I will tell you about a very interesting topic of liquid cooling. Nowadays many Smartphone comes with liquid cooling technology. So here I will tell you about this liquid cooling technology. And I will also tell you that which Smartphone has the liquid cooling technology.

what is liquid cooling

We saw many phones that had this liquid cooling technology like Nokia Lumia 950XL, Samsung Galaxy S7 etc. But here the biggest question is that if we use a liquid in our mobile then is it not destroys our mobile phone. And why should we use liquid cooling technology in Smartphone?  If you will see at many gaming CPUs then you can see many types of tubes which have some liquid. It uses to keep cool the CPUs. But why should we need liquid cooling technology in Smartphone? Nowadays we have very powerful processors available on the market. But here a big problem is that this is a very small and compact device where many types of components are situated. Thus, if they work in their full performance then they release some heat. Here the device is very small so here the components haven’t any option to dissipate their heat. Thus a temperature increases the value of itself. And we don’t want to destroy our mobile phone. Here processor has some restrictions like you cannot go above a number of temperatures. This time they will decrease their performance. It called thermal coat ling.

what is liquid cooling

So if you play games in your mobile phone a lot then after some time your mobile phone keep hands up. And you will not get any better performance. So here why should we not keep it cool? For take a stable performance of the mobile phone. It also helps in battery consumption. Thus we can use liquid cooling technology in our Smartphone.

So here the concept is that here a very thin copper tube is available. Here I will tell to you about a copper hollow tube. Here the thickness of this tube is less then 1mm. Here in this copper tube has a liquid. It goes with the heat of processor. It called evaporate. And this liquid goes to another end and converts in a liquid form. And this complete cycle keeps run. Thus you processor’s temperature will not heat up.


I hope you got the answer for what is liquid cooling in Smartphone? If you love this article then you should share your thoughts in the comment section. And If you have any question regarding this article then you should write it in the comment section below.

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