Best SEO Methodology in 2020

Top 5 Steps of Best SEO Methodology in 2020 | Rank Faster in Google

Top 5 Steps of Best SEO Methodology in 2020 | Rank Faster in Google

I hope you want to rank higher or even on the first page of Google. And you are trying your best. Here I am going to share my Top 5 Steps of Best SEO Methodology in 2020. So if you want to rank your website on the first page of SERP then you must read this article till the end. 

Best SEO Methodology in 2020

Do you want to earn money from blogging?

Do you want to rank higher on Google?

How to get ranked on the first page of Google?

Which is the best method of SEO in 2020?

I hope you also have some questions like this. So this article is for you. You must read this article till the end. I hope it will be helpful for you.

What is the Best SEO Methodology in 2020?

Many people work to rank higher on Google. But they didn’t get the right position for their content. They write very good SEO optimized content and do everything for on-page and off-page SEO. But in the end, they don’t get a rank on the first page.

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So here I will help you with SEO. You need some SEO strategy. And here I am going to share that latest SEO technique 2020. I hope you will read this article and get ranked higher.

First thing is that you must have to understand SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is the strategy to get your website rank on the first page of Google for some keywords. And you will get traffic from Google organically. 

But here you need to understand that Google wants to make good and without spam experience for their customers. So you need to understand the algorithm and then start work on it.

Here I am going to share the algorithm of Google for SEO.

You need to understand these Top 5 Best SEO Methodology in 2020. These are the five steps.

  1. Research & Analysis
  2. Audit
  3. Optimize
  4. Amplify
  5. Iterate

These are five steps about advanced SEO techniques. So you need to understand these five steps first then start working on your project.

1. Research & Analysis

Before starting your project, you need to do good research and analysis. Here you work to define your goal. Because, without a goal, you can’t do work in the right way. And then identify some keywords for your visitors. You can analyze your competitor and then you can use your competitor’s keywords. 

You should find some keywords with low competition and high search volume. If you have low search volume keywords and you can find a large number of keywords. Thus you will write content around your product or service. And you will get some trust from Google.

This step is the most important to achieve your goal or generate sales of your product. 

2. Audit

Audit is also the most important step for getting your goal or sales. After keyword research, you need to do indexation of your content. Now you need to do an audit of the content on your website or your client’s website. And find some problems or issues in the content for good SEO. And then you need to fix the content for SEO. If your website is new or your client’s website is new then you need to create some good content for them. The last thing in the audit step is that you need to check the authority of your website and your competitor’s website. 

If your competitor has very good domain authority then you cannot compete with them. Here, you need to work on low competitor keywords. And you need to deliver more valuable content as compared to your competitor.

3. Optimize

After the audit, you need to optimize everything. You should work for site optimization. You need to do good on-page optimization. You also need to do some technical optimization like image size reduction, etc. You should also work for local optimization. 

4. Amplify

After optimization, you need to amplify your SEO. You need to work for inbound links to get some trust. You need to work for off-page optimization. Now, you will create some good quality backlinks. Many people focus on the quantity of backlinks. They just create backlinks in every website who allows for link submission. But this is not good. You should work for quality backlinks. 

Here you work to win the trust of Google. Thus, you create some good backlinks for your blog or website. Because if many websites will send some traffic to your website that means your website has some valuable information. 

In this step, you also work for social shares. 

5. Iterate

Now, at the last step, you need to iterate all the steps, again and again, to make your website updated. Because Google always wants updated information. 

And you should work for measurement and reports. Because, they show the growth of your website. And you will understand the right way to get ranked.


Finally, I hope you got information about the Top 5 Steps of Best SEO Methodology in 2020. Many people start their work from a thirst step and they fail. If you will use these steps for your SEO projects then you will never fail. I hope you understand all the things which I want to teach. Thank you for reading this article till the end. 

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