Introduction Of HTML

Introduction of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language):


The full name of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a markup language not a programming language. If you want to design a web page then you should learn HTML. HTML has not decision making feature while a programming language has decision making feature. Some decision making features are like if else statement, while loop, do while loop, switch case etc. So HTML is a markup language. Markup language means, this language is bundled with many markup tags.

  • Here some points are given below about HTML:
  • The full name of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • HTML is a case insensitive language. It means you can use small letter or capital latter while write a tag.
  • HTML uses many markup tags to define a web page content. Tags defines paragraph, heading, list, hyperlink etc in a webpage.
  • HTML files save with .html or .htm extension.
  • HTML is developed by World Wide Web Consortium.
  • We are currently using HTML5.

Some Prerequisites for HTML:

  • You don’t need of any programming language background to learn HTML.
  • You need a web browser in your computer like Internet Exploror, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
  • You need a text editor in your computer like Notepad, Sublime.

How to Write a HTML Program:

  • Firstly you need to open notepad, now open a new file and write HTML code in it.
  • Now save it with .htm or .html extension.
  • Now execute it with some browser.
  • You can edit your HTML file by reopen your file with notepad.

HTML Elements:

  • An HTML element is an individual component of an HTML document.
  • Every HTML content starts with a start tag that also called opening tag and ends with and end tag that also called closing tag.
  • The element content is everything between the opening tag and closing tag.
  • Most HTML elements can have attributes.


In above example <P> is a start tag and </P> is a end tag.

Document Structure Elements:

  • All HTML documents must start with a type declaration : <!DOCTYPE html> . It defines that our HTML document is following the rules of HTML5.
  • <HTML>
  • <HEAD>
  • <BODY>

HTML Tag <HTML>: This is the root tag of a HTML document. All other elements are contained in this <html> tag.

HEAD Tag <HEAD>:  This tag is used for hold the all information about that webpage. It is also used for contain metadata of a HTML document. Associated files:- CSS file or Java file some description.

BODY Tag <BODY>: This tag is used for displayable content of an HTML document.

Format of an HTML Document:

We can make a webpage by HTML document. Here a format of HTML document is given below:



Place processing information and meta description here



Place Displayable Content Here



<!– write comment –>

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