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Image Tag <IMG>


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Image Tag is used for display a image in a webpage. If you want to display a image in a your html document then you should use <IMG> tag. In <IMG> tag, we provide a url of image which want to display. <IMG> tag is a empty tag. Image tag has many attributes to provide an awesome look of a picture. The important attribute of image tag is SRC attribute. Because it is used to provide url of the image.

Some basic attributes are given below:

  • SRC: SRC attribute is used to provide a unique url of image. This is very important attribute for image tag. If you don’t use this attribute then you can’t display a image.
  • ALT: This is a attribute of image tag. This attribute is used to display some alternative text at image. This is a important attribute for SEO. If our image can’t display due to any cause then ALT tag is display some text in the place of image.
  • WIDTH & HEIGHT: Both are also a important attributes for a image. They are used to adjust width & height of a image. If you want to adjust image size then this attribute will be used. You need to provide some value for width & height. The value will be given in pixel or percentage.
  • ALIGN: This attribute is also an important attribute for a image. This attribute is used to set alignment for a image. You can align a image at top, bottom, middle, left and right.
  • BORDER: This attribute makes more attractive display for a image. This attribute provides border for a image. You can set border size in pixels.

The source code & output for image tag is given below:



<TITLE>Image Tag</TITLE>








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