How to Optimize Images to Rank Higher on Google? SEO 2020

How to Optimize Images to Rank Higher on Google? SEO 2020

How to Optimize Images to Rank Higher on Google? SEO 2020

Are you searching for something to rank higher on Google? I hope your answer is yes. Here I can help you. To rank higher on Google you need to understand SEO( Search Engine Optimization). This is the most important to understand first if you want to rank higher. You should have good knowledge of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

How to Optimize Images to Rank Higher on Google? SEO 2020

Image Optimization is also a part of On-Page SEO. So here I will tell you some tips to optimize your images to rank higher on Google. So let’s start them.

Top 4 Steps to Optimize Your Images

1. Resize your images first

Before uploading your images on your website you need to resize your images. Because if you have a large size of image that can’t be loaded faster and your website’s loading speed can be affected. Thus the user-experience can go down. So you resize your images with perfect size. I always suggest everyone optimize their images for less than 100KB. So you should resize images for less than 100KB and then use them in your website’s article. 


2. Name Them Properly

This is also very important to optimize your images. The naming should also be SEO relevant. Don’t use images without name optimization. Write your keyword in the image and you can use ‘-’ to separate words. If you have more than one image for the same topic you can add numbers at the end of the image name. 

3. Picture Format

The picture format is also a very important thing in SEO. Always use JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG formats of images. These are the most popular formats of images. And you should use them for your pictures. 

Always try to use JPG images. This is the top-level format for images. And it helps to rank higher on Google. This also comes in good SEO practices. If you want to use dynamic images on your website you can go with GIF images. 

You should rarely use PNG and SVG image formats. Because these formats can decrease your loading speed. 

4. ALT Tag Optimization

The ALT tag is one of the most important tags for image optimization. Always put alt text for your image. You can use your focus keyword on the alt tag or write something about the picture. If you are not filling alt text for your image you’re making a huge mistake. Because this is not a good SEO practice. 

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