How to promote your business with youtube

How To Promote Your Business With Youtube in 2020

How To Promote Your Business With Youtube in 2020

In this article, I am going to share some tips to promote your business with youtube in 2020. These ways are the most common ways to promote your business. 

Youtube is one of the most trending platforms. Here people share content in the form of videos. Nowadays, people are investing too much time on Youtube. So we can say that youtube has different types of audiences. This means you can promote different kinds of products and services on youtube. 

How to promote your business with youtube

Let’s discuss some trending ways to promote your business with youtube in 2020.

One thing is very common that you need to make video content to do good promotion of your business on youtube. So you must have good videos.

You can publish full videos and youtube short videos. If your services can be explained in less than 60 seconds then you should create Youtube Shorts. And you need to find some good keywords for your videos. 

You can use those keywords in title writing, description writing, and Tags.

If you are creating long videos about your products and services then you need to create an engaging title and thumbnail. 

Video thumbnails are very important for video ads. 

Organic Promotion

If you want to make organic promotion then you should create videos and publish them daily. For organic promotion, this is very important that you should find good keywords. Low search volume keywords can have low SEO difficulty. So you should find 8 to 10 low search volume keywords and optimize them. You can use those keywords in your title, description, and tags. 

Youtube shorts is the new feature of youtube. And youtube pushes the algorithm of youtube shorts. So you can create youtube shorts to promote your business. You can use hashtags on Youtube shorts.

Paid Promotion

You can do paid promotions on youtube. You can run video ads and banner ads to promote your business. Here you need to find good keywords and you can target those keywords. Your video ad will appear on existing videos of your niche. And you can get more sales for your products.

Sponsored Promotion

Sponsored content is also booming on youtube. You can do sponsored promotion of your product. In sponsored promotion, you need to find the right youtube channel for your product and services. And you do contact him. Here you need to check the proper channel engagement and views count. 

Here I shared three ways to promote your business on youtube. So you can use these three ways to promote your business.


Finally, I hope you got information about how to promote your business on Youtube in 2020. Thank you for reading this article till the end. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. You can follow me on Instagram also. In Instagram, I share valuable content daily.

Top 5 Tips To Write Quality Article in 2020

Top 5 Tips To Write Quality Article in 2020

Top 5 Tips To Write Quality Article in 2020

In this article, I am going to share the Top 5 Tips to Write Quality Article in 2020. This article can help you to grow your website’s SEO in 2020. If you want to rank higher on Google then you must follow these tips while writing articles. 

Top 5 Tips To Write Quality Article in 2020

How to write a quality article?

How to rank higher on Google?

What are the tips to write good SEO friendly articles?

How to make money from a blog?

I hope you also have some questions like this. And you really want to know the answers of these questions. So here these tips can help you to rank higher on Google. This is the right place for you.


So let’s discuss these tips to write an SEO friendly article in 2020.

Top 5 Tips To Write Quality Article in 2020

  1. Ask For Input

This is very important to write an article for your blog or website. Because nobody wants to read a boring blog. So you must make it interesting. And you can make your article interesting via some questions. These questions can help you to make your article engaging. 

So you must follow this tip that you should ask for any input. 


  1. Make Content That Attracts

This is also very important that your article should be attractive and interesting. You can make your article attractive via infographics and videos. So you must make your article attractive. You can use Canva to make your content attractive. You can also use youtube videos to make your content attractive. 

Good images are really helpful to make your content attractive. So you must work for good images in your article. 

  1. Go For Real Content

You must be genuine with your audience. Don’t try to put fake content in your blog. Because people don’t like any fake bodies. So you must be realistic. This is also very important to write a quality article for your blog. You must try to put some genuine information or you can link with some genuine website.

For example, if you have a news website, and you are writing an article about COVID-19. Then, this is very important that your article should be linked with Wikipedia. Because it will make more trust for your website.


  1. Be Systematic

This is also very important that your article should be systematic. If you are writing an article then a system is very important. Use heading tags with a proper system. Use heading and subheadings systematically. And try to put all the required information in your article. No matter how long your article will be.

  1. Be Purposeful

Your article should have a purpose. And your article should fulfill that purpose. If your article is not fulfilling that purpose then you can’t satisfy your readers and they will go to another website and read full information. So try to put all the related information. Never try to reduce the size of articles. 


Finally, I hope you got information about the Top 5 Tips to Write Quality Article in 2020. Here you got all the important points which you should know. Thank you for reading this article till the end. If you have any questions about digital marketing or SEO, you can ask me on Instagram or your put a comment below. 


Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Top 5 SEO Tips For Small Businesses in 2020

Top 5 SEO Tips For Small Businesses in 2020

In this article, I am going to share the Top 5 SEO Tips For Small Businesses in 2020. If you are a business owner and want to grow your business digitally then you must read these tips. These tips can help you to rank higher on Google. And as you know that, higher ranking means more trust and more clients for your business. So read every part of this article seriously. 

SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Are you a business owner?

Are you a digital marketing manager of a company?

Do you want to rank higher on Google?

Do you want to get more clients for your business?

I hope your answer to all of the above questions will be yes. So here you are in the right place. Here I will share some of my personal ways to make your business profitable. These tips can help you to rank higher on Google. So let’s start them. 

Top 5 Tips For Small Businesses in 2020

1. Use Google My Business

Google My Business is a free platform where you can list your business. And your business will show on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It means, if somebody searches for a particular service in a specific area then your business might show there. There will be some buttons on it for the call, visit website, visit location. Now if somebody wants to contact you then he can click on those buttons and can take action. 

Google My Business

But, one thing you should know that your Google My Business page should be SEO optimized. Then you can defeat your competitor in SERP. If you don’t know how to optimize it, you can contact us. We are ready to help you.

2. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

This is very important that you should have a mobile-friendly website. Because most people use mobile phones to search for a particular service. So you need to optimize your website for mobile. For a mobile-friendly website, you can tell your web developer to optimize your website for mobile. And you can also contact us to create a beautiful website and that will be mobile-friendly.

If you are a developer or you have a WordPress website then you can use a plugin to make your website mobile-friendly. You can use the AMP plugin to make your website mobile-friendly.

3. Search Local Keywords and Rank For Them

Local keywords are very helpful for small businesses. So if you also have a small business then you should go with local keywords like ‘Best Gym in Delhi’, ‘Best Salon in Delhi’, etc. So you should optimize your website for local keywords. Because with your local keywords, you can easily get good customers for your business. It means you need to do good keyword research.

4. Start Using Google Search Console

Google Search Console is also known as Google Webmaster Tool. This is also a very good tool that comes from Google. And it is free for everyone. You need to signup on Google Webmaster Tool with your website. And you can know all the search queries of your website. And you can work for them. You will also get too much information about backlinks and more. 

5. Understand Your Online Audience

You need to understand your online audience. Because this is very important that what your audience needs and how can you reach your audience. You need to understand the platforms of your audience. If your audience is on Facebook then you need to advertise on Facebook. Or if your audience searches for your service on Google then you need to optimize your website to rank higher on Google. 

Facebook Ads

So you need to understand your online audience. 


Finally, I hope you got information about the Top 5 SEO Tips For Small Businesses in 2020. You can use these tips to grow your business online. I hope these tips are valuable to you. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I am waiting for your thoughts. And if you have any questions about digital marketing then you can ask me on Instagram. Thank you for reading this article till the end. 

What is Bounce Rate in SEO, How to Deal With High Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate in SEO? How to Deal With High Bounce Rate in SEO

What is Bounce Rate in SEO? How to Deal With High Bounce Rate in SEO

If you are in the field of SEO or digital marketing or you have a website then you must be listening about this term. But many people don’t have the right information about this term. So here I am going to discuss the bounce rate in SEO. After this article, you don’t need to read any more about this topic. So you should read this article carefully. It will be helpful for you.

What is Bounce Rate in SEO, How to Deal With High Bounce Rate

Many times you listen to the term ‘Bounce’. Maybe on cricket, the ball is bounced. Remember?

What is Bounce Rate in SEO?

Here in SEO, the bounce rate is pretty much similar to that bounce term. In cricket a ball got bounced from the upper side of the player then it was called a bounced ball. Same here if any content is not relevant to the user then it will be a bounce for them. They will not stay on your page and press the back button. 

And if somebody presses the back button after visiting your page without reading then this is not a good sign for your website. Google monitors these things. 

Let’s see, if somebody searches something on Google and your website appears there. They will click on your link and visit your website. And if they find, your content is not valuable for them they will press the back button and select another website to visit. 

This complete process is monitored by Google. And if this process is done again and again your website’s ranking will go down. 

Because people are visiting your website and they are not staying on your website. Thus your bounce rate increases and your ranking goes down. 


Where can you check the bounce rate?

I hope you know about Google Analytics. This is a free tool that comes from Google. This is an official tool of Google. You may also know about this tool. If you will analyze your website with Google Analytics, you will get a lot of information about your traffic. Here you will also get a section of bounce rate. Here you can check the bounce rate. 

A good bounce rate for a normal website is less than 50%. If your bounce rate is increasing then you need to work to decrease your bounce rate. 

How to Deal with the Bounce Rate Problem in SEO?

Now you have to know about dealing with a high bounce rate. There should be some issues related to bounce rate. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Poor Content
  2. Website Speed
  3. Without Structured Content
  4. Image Size

These are some major reasons for a high bounce rate. So you need to work on these reasons. 

1. Poor Content

If your website doesn’t have good content then people will not stay on your website and they will go back. So you need to work on quality content. Make good content with proper graphics also. Graphics are a way to decrease your bounce rate. Because people love to see graphics rather than written content. 

If your content is good then people will always read about content. Thus your bounce rate will go down.


2. Website Speed

Website speed is also a big reason for the high bounce rate. Let’s assume, if somebody wants to visit your website and your website is not opening. He is waiting for the last 10 seconds. After this much time, nobody will stay to visit your website. They have a lot of other options on the website. They will click on the back button and visit the next website. 

So you should work on your website speed. For good website speed, your server should be good. If you have a cheap server for your website then your website’s speed may affect. And thus your bounce rate will increase. 

3. Without Structured Content

Don’t write your content without a proper structure. You should always write content with a proper structure. Always make headings and subheadings to give a structured form to your content. You can also use a content table for your content. 

If your website has structured content then everybody will visit your website and they can go to a particular section. They don’t need to do a lot of research. 

4. Image Size

Image size is also a reason for the high bounce rate. If your website has images of large size e.g. 2 MB, 3 MB then your website will take more time to load on the user’s device. So you should use compressed images. You can use WordPress plugins to compress your images. 

A good SEO relevant image size is less than 100KB. It helps to load faster.

How to earn money from Instagram

How to make money with Instagram (updated 2020)

How to make money with Instagram (updated 2020)

Making money with Instagram is possible and here I tell you how to do it. 

Can you imagine living traveling, just dedicating yourself to taking some photos every day?

But what do you have to do to live on Instagram, how many followers do you have to have, where do you find advertisers?

Here you will find everything you need to know in order to live on the fastest growing social network.

How to earn money from Instagram

Make money with Instagram

There are several ways to monetize your Instagram account, some will work better for you than others, depending on your audience profile and your line of business.

The best thing is to try them all and thus see which one works best for you. 

Platforms to connect advertisers and influencers

To monetize your Instagram account, there are already several platforms that connect advertisers with influencers, and in most of them, they accept Instagram accounts.

You just have to sign up for all of them and wait for a brand interested in appearing on your profile to contact you.

Sell ​​your presets

To be an Instagrammer you have to be a good photographer and you can learn this from real  Instagram professionals, from those who are behind the camera for longer.

The presets are preset effects s, typically generated with Lightroom and that many accounts that help you with your Instagram, put at your disposal.

Sell ​​affiliate products

There are many online stores that give you a percentage for each sale you make through their links like Amazon promo codes.

If for example you make a super photo with a drone and upload it to your Instagram account, you can indicate that this photo is made with that particular drone and that it can be purchased through the link you provide, for example on Amazon or Gearbest, two large online stores that accept affiliates.

You can find affiliates for virtually any type of product. With a simple Google search, you can find the ideal affiliate for your profile.

For example, if you want to find affiliates related to fitness, search for fitness affiliates, or if you want to find affiliates related to cosmetics, look for cosmetic affiliates. 

Keep in mind that on Instagram you can only put a single link in your description, do not forget to mention it in your photos so that they go there and click.

One of the links that are increasingly seen, especially in fashion Instagrammers, is that of their 21Buttons profiles, which is like an Instagram, but only in fashion, and where you can click on the clothes to buy them. In this way, you can earn money with your looks.

Sell ​​your photos

On canvas, T-shirts and everything you can think of

You can sell your Instagram photos. There are many ways, you can make canvases with your printed and signed photos, t-shirts, phone cases, and send them to your followers.

It may seem silly to you, but a New Yorker made more than $ 15,000 in one day.

Build your own store

If you have many followers you can take advantage of them and sell your own merchandise.

You can appear in your Instagram photos with your own models of t-shirts and sell them in your own store.

Tricks to enhance your Instagram account

But to earn money with Instagram you not only have to have good photos, but you also have to have people who follow you.

From 5,000 followers is when a brand may be interested in sponsoring you.

Here are some tips and tricks to gain followers on Instagram and become more influential.

Use tools and platforms to study your account and the competition

There are some very useful tools to get the most out of your Instagram account, something essential if you want to become a professional at this.

One of them is, where you can see for example who are your most influential followers, ideal to know with whom you have to increase your interactions.

 Follow for following and interact

Another old trick is to follow other users, who can return the follow.

A good way to achieve this is to see the followers of a profile similar to yours and who may be interested in following you.

Like and comment on profiles with many followers and of course upload at least one good photo a day with hashtags that have many posts and people follow.

You only need a camera, a mobile and you win

And rest assured, you do not need to travel, in any corner, there are places like the ones you see through the most famous Instagram accounts, you just have to find them, like the pokemon. 


Selena is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE. In her leisure time, she plays tennis.

Why does your need a website

Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

In this article, I am going to share some information about Why Does Your Business Need a Website. So if you want to know the answer to this question you should read this article till the end. 

If you are a business owner or you want to grow your business then you must read this article. Because it will help you achieve great success in your business. So read this article till the end. 

Why does your need a website

I hope you are not 

Know About the Reason For Website

Many people think that websites are only to sell a product. But it’s not totally right. It’s also about providing value to potential customers. You can provide some value through your website. 


Here I am going to describe something about the importance of websites for business. So here you will get information about this topic. You should read this article. 

1. Online Presence

Online presence is the first thing if you have a website. This is the first benefit if you have a website. A website represents your online presence. So if you want to get your business online you should create a website for your business. 

2. Show Your Products and Services

If you have a website you can list all of your products and services on your website. If you have a website you can write all information about your products and services. Customers will know effectively about your products and services.

3. Collect Reviews

If you have a website, you can collect a lot of reviews from different customers. They can check your website and your service and they can leave a high-quality review on your website. It is social proof about your products and service. 

4. Audience Tracking

Audience tracking is also one of the most important things in digital marketing. You can track your audience and show ads to them. You can do Facebook ads effectively if you have proper audience tracking. 

5. Never Shut Your Doors

If you have a website you can always be online. Your doors will never shut down. Everybody can check out your products and services when you are offline also or your store is closed. 

6. Get More Customers

With a good website, you can increase the number of your customers. Because most of the people are going online to get a product of service. Even if they want to buy a product offline they search it on Google first then go to the market and buy a good product. So if you have something online to show them about your products and service you can get customers.



Finally, I hope you got information about Why Does Your Business Need A Website. Now you’ve got the benefits of a website. Thank you for reading this article till the end. With your website, you can use digital marketing tactics on your business like SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, email marketing, etc. 

How to Optimize Images to Rank Higher on Google? SEO 2020

How to Optimize Images to Rank Higher on Google? SEO 2020

How to Optimize Images to Rank Higher on Google? SEO 2020

Are you searching for something to rank higher on Google? I hope your answer is yes. Here I can help you. To rank higher on Google you need to understand SEO( Search Engine Optimization). This is the most important to understand first if you want to rank higher. You should have good knowledge of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

How to Optimize Images to Rank Higher on Google? SEO 2020

Image Optimization is also a part of On-Page SEO. So here I will tell you some tips to optimize your images to rank higher on Google. So let’s start them.

Top 4 Steps to Optimize Your Images

1. Resize your images first

Before uploading your images on your website you need to resize your images. Because if you have a large size of image that can’t be loaded faster and your website’s loading speed can be affected. Thus the user-experience can go down. So you resize your images with perfect size. I always suggest everyone optimize their images for less than 100KB. So you should resize images for less than 100KB and then use them in your website’s article. 


2. Name Them Properly

This is also very important to optimize your images. The naming should also be SEO relevant. Don’t use images without name optimization. Write your keyword in the image and you can use ‘-’ to separate words. If you have more than one image for the same topic you can add numbers at the end of the image name. 

3. Picture Format

The picture format is also a very important thing in SEO. Always use JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG formats of images. These are the most popular formats of images. And you should use them for your pictures. 

Always try to use JPG images. This is the top-level format for images. And it helps to rank higher on Google. This also comes in good SEO practices. If you want to use dynamic images on your website you can go with GIF images. 

You should rarely use PNG and SVG image formats. Because these formats can decrease your loading speed. 

4. ALT Tag Optimization

The ALT tag is one of the most important tags for image optimization. Always put alt text for your image. You can use your focus keyword on the alt tag or write something about the picture. If you are not filling alt text for your image you’re making a huge mistake. Because this is not a good SEO practice. 

How Social Media Affect Your Business

How Social Media Affect Your SEO

How Social Media Affect Your SEO

In this article, I am going to share some useful information about How Social Media Affect Your SEO. So if you want to know about this topic you should read this article till the end. I hope this article will be helpful for you.

Almost everyone has gone social. Even in the most remote parts of the world have already adopted these trends or if not, have probably heard about social media. It has dramatically changed the landscape of how people have been dealing with and living their daily lives

How Social Media Affect Your Business

Technology has also made an impact on different industries in the world and one of which is the business sector which can be greatly seen and felt. Looking back to 30 years ago, business owners may have not imagined how social media and other technological advancements can become a growing necessity in running a business and how it will be impossible to separate it from each other. 

Business concepts and methodologies have continued to evolve as technology slowly becomes an integral part of it. Technology played major roles as businesses perform transactions and have made huge impacts in its operation, organization and promotion

Two of the most important strategies technology has offered businesses in terms of its promotional activity, is the development websites and the emergence of search engine optimization or SEO. This has been widely used these days by marketers and business owners to elevate and grow their brands online thus making it a great choice for you to expand your own business presence. 

But how can social media, one of the greatest innovations these days to connect people and widely used by almost everyone, can affect your SEO performance? Do they share a connection, a commonality or they do not mean anything to each other after all? 

What is Social media? 

According to Merriam, social media are forms of online communication channels that a user can use to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content to an online community. 

As of today, about 50% of the global population can be found in social media or about 3.8 billion people. It has also become an avenue for many businesses to build their name, grow their brand and establish their reputation. Social media channels that are widely used by a lot of entrepreneurs are: 

  • Facebook – Might be overused but still proves to be an effective platform to grow your online presence and your business. 
  • Instagram – Great with eye-catching visuals to get the attention of your audience. An innovative leader in introducing features that can be an asset for your brand like shoppable posts, stories, IGTV, polls and surveys.  
  • YouTube – A powerhouse that has over 2 billions users each month. Mainly a video content channel, it has proved to be one of the effective platforms especially these days. 
  • Twitter – With only 140 characters to build your name, Twitter has become a household name for brands to create their online persona
  • LinkedIn – A platform that can connect you and your company to other professionals where you can start building and growing your network

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization is the process where your website crawl in search engines to make it on top of searches and helps your site stand out among your competitors. It allows your business to be easily found by customers through the use of keywords and phrases. 

Types of SEO include: 

  • Content SEO – anything to do with the creation of content on your website
  • Local SEO – the way you optimize your online presence done in local searches
  • Voice Search SEO – the next big thing in SEO, it is the way you optimize your website to be conversational
  • Product Page SEO – making of original content to drive people to visit your website

The Relationship of Social Media and SEO

This relationship has been looming over many marketers’ heads for a long time now. Social Media and SEO have a complicated relationship over the years. Back in 2014, Matt Cutts (then of Google’s), announced that social media does not have any effect on search rankings. However, recent studies show that THERE IS an actual connection between these two and social media has something to do with your SEO rankings.

Though they are completely different, these two can complement each other and can work for your advantage. Leveraging on these can help you gain the result you want to achieve in terms of your online presence.

Here are the ways social media can affect your SEO: 

  1.   Improve Online Visibility 

Your goal in doing efforts online is to increase your leads as more and more people see your stuff and eventually convert them into sales. 

As people look for you in Google searches and other search engines, your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube can be seen on the found listings. As social media results crawl in these searches, your visibility is being boosted which will lead to brand recognition and improve your authority online. Social media profiles are often seen on the first pages and as people click on your profile links, they will get to get to know you, your brand’s personality and valuable content found on your social media accounts. 

Your social media profiles in different channels can also help your target audience and other people recognize your brand immediately.  

  1.   Drives Traffic Through Content Sharing

Social media does not only improve your visibility by appearing on search engines but also through content sharing. It can be an excellent medium to let your content maximize its reach. You cannot just write valuable content and just wait for people to stumble upon it. 

While on search engines people only look for content that they want using a relevant keyword, social media allows your content to be seen by people who may not know that they need it. 

As more people see and eventually share your content within their network which can give your content opportunity to be shared over and over again. As this happens, more people will click on the content thus driving more traffic on your website and therefore, boost your rankings. 

  1.   Social Media as Search Engines

The initial objective of social media was to connect people but as time goes by it also became a search engine on its own. 

People have been leveraging on social media platforms to look for things they are searching for. Experts are seeing these platforms as valuable search engines where a lot of consumers can discover companies, products, services and even contents. 

For people to find you, it is important to optimize your social media profiles and inject your content with relevant keywords to boost your social media visibility.  Moreover, people tend to check out a company’s social media profile before making any online transaction and rely heavily on the content they can found on your channels. 

  1.   Local SEO

Your name, address and phone number (NAP) plays an important role in keeping you visible in your Local SEO. 

So it is important and crucial that you use the NAP information in your social media, website and listings. Another feature of social media that help expand online visibility and reach is its ability to let you geo-tag your posts and stories. 

Final Thoughts

The key to understanding the relationship between social media and SEO is that both can provide answers and a possible solution to your audience when doing their searches. 

As search engines help your audience find answers, social media let them discover answers they did not think they need. Though both are different from each other, you can make these two strong strategies work hand-in-hand to let your audience and potential customer discover your brand. 



John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors. Ever since, Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO-Guru, and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia – the leading software eCommerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

Guest Post With Us

Guest Post With Us

I hope you are searching for a good website to do guest posting for your blog or website. Here I have good news for everyone who wants to do guest blogging with us. It will help you to grow your website or blog. 

But you must have all the important information about the writing instructions. You must read them and follow them to be eligible for guest posts. 

  1. Your article should be SEO relevant.
  2. Article length should be more than 800 words. 
  3. Your article category should be digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, business development, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Digital Strategy, etc.
  4. You can put external links of high authority websites. 
  5. Make sure your article should have 2-3 internal links to my website.
  6. You can put one link of your website.
  7. Your image size should be less than 100KB.
  8. Make a zip file of .doc and images that used in the article.
  9. Send me the articles at [email protected] .
  10. I’ll publish your article in 1-2 days. 

So these are some instructions that you must know before doing a guest post. 


Finally, I hope you got information about guest posting. You can discuss more at .

Best Writing Strategy for Content

Best writing strategies for content writing

Best writing strategies for content writing

Website or blogposts posts are easy to write, but high-quality content creation is a completely different thing. Content creation is one of the most effective advertising resources worldwide, and however, if you do not plan and execute it correctly, it cannot have a great impact on the target audience. Research has shown that content creation produces more than three times more leads than traditional marketing which costs 62% less. This is not the only benefit of content marketing, though.

Best Writing Strategy for Content

Blogging advertisers are 13 times more likely to see good ROI. More than 70% of advertisers claim that content marketing enhances user engagement. Small companies with blogs have a 126% higher growth rate than small companies without blogs.

You need to use tricks and strategies to compose the best content. In this article, we will discuss some approaches which will be used by successful writers in 2020.

1.  Your research should be on another level

You can never fight unprepared. That’s why our first suggestion is to do your homework and read all about the next subject. Start by simply evaluating public analysis. The aim is to create a precise reader persona. It can be done by considering the following factors.

·         Location ·         Education level ·         Beliefs
·         Personal interests ·         Marital status ·         Annual income
·         Gender ·         Values ·         Age
·         Online behavior ·         Habits ·         Relational Status

When you rely on a highly specific subject for a long time, consider using Google Alerts and tracking the topic for a long time. In order to write a high-end post, you will have more than enough information on the subject.

  1. Look for the relevant keywords for your content

The second approach coincides with the previous one but should be placed on our page separately. You probably know the search engine optimization very well.  Ninety-three percent of all traffic is from a search engine.

Only by identifying and using the right keywords in your content, you can increase the search ranking in such circumstances. There are many options to do so, but depending on qualified keyword research tools is the quickest solution.

Most writers use Google Keyword Planners to identify the best search terms and sentences, but many other highly reliable tools are available online.

3.  Use attractive headlines in your content

A headline is the starting point, but don’t hurry it and treat it like a formality. Titles are worthy of a particular treatment because 80 percent of the readers never got beyond the title.

If a title is not convincing and enticing, a normal website user does not want to read that post. That is precisely why you have to do what you can and get an outstanding title. You should check out CoSchedule, which is a great tool to analyze headings.

  1. Focus on your writing style

Successful authors pay attention to the writing style because they recognize that creating a loyal readers base requires a fundamental requirement to be distinctive. Yet note that your writing style determines the target audience.

For example, technology-oriented writers who want to sound confident and strong choose articles based on data analysis. Sometimes their style is simple and straightforward because the public demands that. You should also ensure that you can use a writing style correctly when choosing the most appropriate form of writing. This makes you an amazing blogger, and your community knows what to expect for every new post they read. You can use this grammar checker and paraphrasing tool to make your writing style more professional.

5.  Your posts should be longer

When you write short, 300-word posts, you can’t distinguish your material from others. This takes a lot of text to express the views and examine the issues from all possible points of view.

The typical first-page result of Google includes 1.890 words, according to a study. It is a clear indication that search engines and customers value high-quality content, which is not just a few hundred words to craft.

6.  Use vocabulary that is easy to understand

One thing you need to remember is that users don’t like vocabulary which they cannot understand. They do not like terminology or motto-words from the business that means practically nothing for them. Furthermore, a typical user of the content doesn’t like lengthy words or paragraphs because it is difficult to understand the context.

You should instead try to write hands-on text in a common and simple language. The best way to do it is to keep things communicating and running, without leaving space for possible disagreement and uncertainty. Anything in the online world that is more than 20 words a sentence is perceived to be too much. Use easy and simple sentences so that readers can get the context comfortably.

  1. Use content writing software for high-quality content

The composition of content is a demanding task, but you don’t have to do everything manually. After all, the Web has digital platforms that can boost your writing activities and enhance the quality of your material. You can use some of the following tools below.

Grammarly: It is the most widely writing tool that is used to correct the grammatical mistakes and enhances the writing experience.

Quillbot: It has an artificial intelligence-based paraphrasing tool offering Freemium packages. This paraphraser also offers Fluency (grammar checker) mode to its free users.

8.  Follow the activities of competitors

The final approach is to watch the competitors and see how they are creating content for their users. The aim is not to take their thoughts or write about the same things, but keep an eye on their narrative, because you forget something very interesting. There are many creative people out there doing fantastic work, and you should seek inspiration by following them.

Wrapping up

It’s not easy to write high-quality material, but it is even harder to do it continuously. Make sure you follow the new content creation strategies if you want to remain competitive in the future.

Follow these tips and strategies properly and consistently to take your writing skills to another level as a content writer. These strategies will create the required skills to write top-notch content like a pro. Whatever you do, it needs practice, consistency, and patience to get to mastery. So keep practicing and be patient to see the outcomes of your hard work.