Top 4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank Fast

Top 4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank Fast

Top 4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank Fast

In this article, I will share some information about the Top 4 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress to Rank Fast. I hope you also interested to know about this Top 4 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

Picture of best SEO plugins for WordPress

I am giving you this all information after my 4 years of experience in blogging and SEO. I hope you also want to know about the most useful SEO plugins for blogger. So here I am going to show you some WordPress SEO tools or plugins which will help you to make your SEO easy.


Many times people ask me some questions like.

How can I rank faster in Google?

How can I do the best SEO for my blog?

Which plugins are the best for WordPress?

How can I make SEO easy?

So if you also have anyone question like above you are at right place. Here I will give you the right information about your need. You can also call them the best WordPress SEO tips to Rank Fast.

Let’s move on Top 4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank Fast

Top 4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank Fast

  1. WordPress SEO By Yoast

This is one of the most famous useful SEO plugin for WordPress to Rank Fast. I hope you already knew about this plugin. Because most of the bloggers recommend it. And this is very right plugin for the beginner or advanced.

So you start it from its a free version. That’s performing also very well. You can choose the free version. You can easily download it and install it from its official website or from your WordPress dashboard.

If you can afford you must use it’s paid version also. Because it’s paid version also performing very well. You can do more things in it’s paid version.


It helps you to write meta-description for your blog post and you can also choose a targeted keyword by using this plugin.

It also helps you to understand the SEO of a blog post. It shows some recommendations on the below of your blog post. You can read them to fix your SEO.

So finally, I want to say that this plugin is the first choice of all bloggers. You must use this.

Go For SEO By Yoast

  1. All in One SEO

This SEO plugin is also very well for WordPress bloggers. I don’t recommend this plugin for beginners. Because beginners should use SEO By Yoast plugin. You can also use All in One SEO at the beginning.

Most of the blogger also recommend this plugin. So you can choose this plugin to make easy your SEO.

It helps you to write meta-description and keywords of your blog post. You can easily define your meta-description and keywords through this useful WordPress plugin to rank fast.


  1. Schema Pro

Schema Pro is also a very good plugin for all WordPress users. It helps you to make your website’s URL more attractive.

Many times, if you will search something on Google. You got some results with a specific star rating before meta-description. It helps visitors to choose the right website to click. Star helps them to choose the right link.

Picture of Star Rating in Google

You can also do this with a plugin Scheme Pro. It helps you to do on-page SEO. Google also see your star rating and then decides the ranking of your article.

So if you want to attract more traffic to your site. You must use Schema Pro WordPress plugin to rank fast.

Use Schema Pro

  1. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is also the best plugin for WordPress to rank fast. Broken links can drop down your SEO ranking. It affects your On-Page SEO. You must use broken link checker for your WordPress website.

It helps you to check the broken link on your website. This plugin is free to use. You can use this plugin to find broken links on your website. And you can fix them.


If you don’t know how can you fix broken links on your website. You should visit an article which is given below.

Fix Broken Links on Your Website


Finally, I hope you got information about Top 4 Best SEO Plugins to Rank Fast. I hope this article was helpful to you. Now you can use these plugins on your website for best SEO performance.

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Thank you for reading this article till the end.


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