5 Crazy Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Need To Know About

5 Crazy Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Need To Know About

5 Crazy Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Need To Know About

Note: This article is written by BuyFromBest.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most crowded fields ever on the internet. It’s increasing day by day and advancing by combining with so many fields like content marketing, social media marketing, and so on.

With its gaining popularity among so many different bloggers, there are so many myths about affiliate marketing that I think are crucial to know about. today, we will unwrap those myths and tell you the major cause behind them. At last, I will also try to give you some tips in between this article to get you more interested.


Other than this, there will be some extra knowledge shared about affiliate marketing in this article. So stay tuned and let’s dive in.

Myths of Affiliate Marketing

Top 5 Myths Busted about Affiliate Marketing

  1. It’s easy because you just have to sell products and earn commissions

Well, its the thing that I hear from most of the publishers who even didn’t know a little bit of affiliate marketing and it really frustrates me a lot.

Affiliate marketing is not just a piece of cake but instead, it is a whole bunch of responsibility. Every affiliate who sell products has to manage a lot of things like, they have to do SEO of their website, they have to produce good quality content, they have to manage different affiliate programs on their own.


If it was that easy, then anyone could get to the top of google and can earn millions of money without much effort. Affiliate marketing needs patience, persistence, consistency, and well-skilled person.

2. More Visits means More Money

It stands on the 2nd number of our list and is mostly in mind of every affiliate out there.

If the content of your website is not up to date and has bad quality content, then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you will get, your sales will be zero. To get more deals, traffic is important but more important is the layout, look, and feel of your website.

And, the last thing is that content should provide the most value that the affiliate can give.


3. You have to target the niche with most commission

There is a numerous number of niches out there in the global market. All of them can have a single website can earn a lot and lots of money.

But the fact is that the niche with the most commission will have the most traffic and hence will be more competitive. But I have seen blogs with niches, that have very less commission, earning a huge amount of money. The simple trick behind that is just by selling more and more.

They just target a more and more specific audience and hence earn a lot of them rather than just targeting in a general niche like Health.

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4. You will get rich quick

Getting rich by working in an online business is becoming way more tough than it was in previous years. For instance, affiliate marketing is much more competitive than in other fields.

Mostly what happens is that 90% of affiliate marketers start their website choose their hosting and when they try to write their first article they just give up. Others who write their first article sought to get traffic on it immediately and get rich quickly.

You will not get to see the results more quickly if you are new to this field. It needs patience, and consistency and one should constantly write articles on a regular basis.


Those marketers just intend to make money and don’t think of providing value to consumers. By providing value to consumers, one can think of getting traffic, and then again improving their content better and unique. This is where real marketers play their game.

They constantly improve their rankings, content through their first earnings and hence they prove to be the right affiliates.

5. Affiliate marketing is Dead

It’s on the last of the list but not the least one because I thought that its not valuable one and hence I put it on the last in the list.

This myth is spread by those who didn’t know much about it and also by those who gave up in this field. They just tried once and hence they think that it’s just a waste of time and money.

Mostly, those who gave up mentions that they needed to write an article in it and then tried to rank it up which was difficult and that is why they gave up.


Wrapping Up

So, finally, you all have got to know about the top 5 myths in affiliate marketing and I think you all will be following the hints that I provided in this article. It would be better to comment down below if you know that there are other myths about affiliate marketing.

I would be glad to know about the feedback of all the people who read this article.


This article is written by Inderpal Singh. His blog is BuyFromBest. You should visit this blog.


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